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Tricia Duffy Everybodies Yoga

Tricia Duffy

Holistic Integration of Mind, Body, Spirit.
Aligning our Bodies with our Minds.
We all have minds. We all have bodies.
We all have hearts.

We all struggle.

We all succeed.
My dedication is to my work.
We are all in this together!

About Tricia

I have been a student of yoga for 35 years. Iyengar background, Kripalu Certified, medical Massage Therapist and anatomy enthusiast. Most known for my ability to work with bodies in all stages of rehabilitation, development and recovery. Hence the name EVERYBODIES YOGA. In1986 I opened 

EVERYBODIES AEROBICS. Life carried me into a Masters Degree in Psychology.

And I am a facilitator in The Work of Byron Katie. 


Judith Roth

Experiencing what Tricia Duffy teaches is a life transforming.

She authentically combines all her years of study in mind, body, spirit integration. Tricia is a seeker. And we benefit from all she has sought on her path. She combines years of devotion to yoga, the Work by Byron Katie, a deep understanding of the body through years of massage work, a life-time of teaching dance and fitness training all come through in the creativity of her classes.

Tricia’s focus is on movement, realigning the body and expanding our awareness of what is possible in the aging process. She attends to all levels of ability and makes everything she does accessible. And she’s a package of total enjoyment! She transmits vitality to all of us.

Through her classes, I’ve gotten help healing past injuries and have learned ways to strengthen weak areas of my body. My own practice and habits in my life are filled with new tools for living the best life I can live. Tricia is a gift to us all!!!!


Beth Littman-Quinn

I have taken a variety of classes from Tricia for almost 20 years. Everything from dance, yoga, deep yoga stretch, ball, and now rebound-erz. She has incredible energy. Her knowledge about our bodies and how we age has me thinking about my everyday movements. 

She has become more than an instructor to me. She is very spiritual which is always nice to be around. However, as we age and people we love get sick, leave this earth....Tricia has been an amazing friend helping me get through those times.  

Without hesitation I would recommend any and all of her classes.


Rhonda Litwinowich

Tricia’s classes are not only good for your body, spirit, and mind, but they’re actually fun. 

It’s never the same old routine.  You can count on Tricia to come up with new innovative techniques to achieve the best workout.

Whether you can attend her studio classes or Zoom in, Tricia is the real deal providing personal attention and  information on body mechanics.

Tricia’s always accessible for questions and suggestions.  She provides the type of exercise class you’ll want to stay with and always be a part of.


Michelle Rice

I had heard about a cardio drum class happening in Orleans but no idea where and then one day I ran into this wonderfully friendly woman in the shoe department of TJ Max and found out she was the instructor.

I attended a class and have been a huge Tricia Duffy fan ever since! I especially love her yoga stretch class. It seems like whatever part of the body she is highlighting, that is the part of my body that needs some extra love/work/attention. She is so knowledgeable and does such a great job in describing how to properly get into and out of a stretch.

In the last year she also introduced us to the rebounder and I love it! Even though I’m not always around for an in person (zoom) class she has a great library of classes available. Don’t know what I’d do without her!! 


Pharr Schulenburg

I've studied with Tricia for 6 years. Her knowledge of anatomy and the pulley systems within the body have transformed me both physically and mentally.

Tricia keeps me coming by continuously evolving her work and what she offers. Her spirit lifts mine and I feel my life has been enhanced from working with her. 

Working with Tricia is something I do for myself because it makes me a better person and I gladly support her.


Beth Draper

Tricia Duffy has been a powerful teacher for me over the past 20 years. Her compassionate energy, fire and playfulness have held an unwavering space honoring our divine feminine bodies as the sacred, strong and resilient beings that we are.

Tricia brings to her classes worlds of body wisdom only available to those who have devoted their lives to the deep understanding of holistic human physical movement mechanics and the healing power of community.


Barbara Bradley

Tricia is not only a skilled instructor but also provides the emotional encouragement I need to keep attending her classes even when my body sometimes won’t cooperate!

She is simply the best.


Jill Teitelman

I had studied all sorts of Yoga for many years in many places. Then I met Tricia — who teaches so much more than all that.  

Every body deserves her compassion and encouragement. Indulge yourself in this deeply rewarding work! 


Deb Brehm

I have been taking classes from Tricia since I moved to Cape Cod in 2016. I have found Tricia extremely knowledgable in anatomy and physiology which she applies to the movement in her classes. Not only do I get a good workout, but I have fun—and I can tell that Tricia is having fun too! 

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